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My first hands free orgasm?!?!?

IMG_1373“JD’s going to call. JD’s going to call. JD’s going to call.”
The words repeated in my head as I found a dress that met his specifications. I found the one, it was a green, short, slutty dress. It showed my D cups beautifully. He was pleased and I ran the for the bathroom to put on my makeup. Quickly I took a picture and sent it off to JD for approval, making sure he got a glimpse of my tits.
After a minute the response came back, I needed redder lips and he would call in a moment.
I found out he was prepared. He’d studied my blog, studied me. I felt vulnerable and exposed.
He told me to stand up and show my dress off. “Pull it up, show me your ass. Spank it. Each side.” I did. “Ouch….” in my pouty voice.
Get on the bed, spread your legs and close your eyes.” I did, anticipating him touching me, even though he was just on the phone.
“Start touching yourself. Keep your eyes closed. This is only for me to see. You need to see nothing. Just close your eyes and listen.” He paused for a moment before issuing his next command: “Now pull your nipples up for me to see.” I could feel my body begin to react. My pussy was growing wetter and more aroused and my nipples were getting harder. I was becoming very aroused by this.
Just then I made a mistake. I missed it, but he sure didn’t. “You stopped rubbing your pussy. I didn’t tell you to do that.” Oh oh. JD doesn’t skip an opportunity to correct me when I need it.
“Slap your face. Three times. Now.” “Yes, JD,” I quickly complied. The warmth in my cheek almost brought tears to my face. Not sure if it was because I didn’t follow his rules or the fact that it hurt. Or maybe combo of the two.
“That might hurt,” He said, “but you can feel it in your pussy. I can see its responding.” I blushed a bit, but I tried not to let it show.
JD told me what to do next, his voice so strong it made my whole body respond instantly. “Wheres your dildo? Show me.” shudder with anticipation
Take it push it in… all the way in. “Yes, JD.” Its kind of like saying Yes, sir, but even more personal. I love saying “Yes, JD” and “No, JD”… it has a sexy ring to it.
“ohhhhh…mmmmm…JD…” I’m just mummering, making noises.
“Keep it all the way in… and now slowly pull it out…In…Out…In…Out… fuck it like is my 7 inch gorgeous cock and you want to get me off.”
Oh how i wanted nothing more but to get JD off. I wanted that cum deep inside of my pussy. But JD had another agenda. He began to count… “When I get to “ten,” you can cum”.
“Yes, JD”.
“One. Two.” oh god JD…
“Three. Four.” mmmm, fuck
“Five. Six.” Suddenly he stops, but my pussy is getting wetter and wetter. Waiting to cum, it really needs to come.
“What comes after six?”
“SEVEN!” I blurt, instantly realizing I’d made another transgression.
“Smack your face three more times.” “Yes, JD” and after a few seconds my face is burning from the smacking.
“One. Two.” Oh hes started from the beginning.
“Three. Four.” I’m getting back into my rhythm, pussy growing wetter and wetter
“Five. Six.” oh JD mmmmhmmhmm…
“Do NOT come without permission” he says sternly. “Yes, JD”
“Seven. Eight.” Oh my god
“Nine. Nine point five” please please please
“One. Five.” oh god oh god
“Ten.” oh fuck me! My body exploded like fireworks on the fourth of July. It was convulsing and twitching. I was so shaky, he apparently couldn’t resist having fun with me: he asked me to stand up in my heels, shaky legs and all.
We chatted some more then had me lay back and start touching myself again. I was expecting another countdown, but he suddenly instructed me to put my hands to my side.
“Yes, JD,” with the pouty voice.
He just kept talking to me as I got lost in his words. In the haze I follow his words until suddenly:
I again exploded with an amazing orgasm! Wait? Without touching myself? How is that possible?
He instructed me to pull on my nipple. “CUM!” and I came again with no hands on my pussy. I was shocked. But this was a very warm and happy place. And I was glad to be there, just me and JD. Now that is what I call a GREAT orgasm, and the fact that it was my very first hands free orgasm made it AMAZING!!!…I was a big puddle of girl goo *blushes*