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Simple wooden hairbrush

The wooden hairbrush

The wooden hairbrush

I got call yesterday from a Dominant caller who likes to punish me when I am naughty. He instructed me to post a pic of my wooden hairbrush, or I would have my bottom blistered. “OUCH!”

This paddle brush is a fantastic yet evil form of punishment for my bare bottom. It reddens my cheeks quickly, even with little force behind it. My sore bottom would be warm in no time. I would be whimpering as I was being punished. However, my pussy would be growing wetter while I got more aroused with every strike. I’m his; he decides whats best for me and I have to follow his plan. If I don’t, I’m over his knee and that damned wooden hairbrush is up in the air, poised to make that wooshing noise I hear right before the pain of another impact.

But walking into our home, you would never suspect it: The nice thing about this wooden hairbrush is that it could be in any ones bathroom or on bedside table and no one would bat an eye. No wonder my previous Dominant bought it two years ago.