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Personal Life Updates #2

webcam-toy-photo7 (1)

Hey Guys!

I just wanted to give you some personal life updates. I am getting hitched on 9/5/2015 to the love of my life, Layton! We are both very excited. With that being said I will not be available for phone sex, cam sex or sexting sessions. I will be offline from 9/1 until 9/8. If you can’t wait for me to come back and play with you then contact my beautiful and talented gf, Lucy. webcam-toy-photo3 (1) webcam-toy-photo6 (1)

When I come back on 9/8, I will be in full Dirty Girl mode… so make sure your ready to get nasty with me :). And just in case any if you are worrying about me disappearing, never to return kinda thing…..I am way to much of a horny girl for that to happen! 😛

My schedule will be much more consistent when I come back. I look forward to playing with all you dirty animals that I love so much.




Personal Life and Website Updates

Hey all you sexy animals! I know I haven’t written any updates or posts in a lonnnng while…sorry about that. Life has been crazy for me.

My personal life has been filled with ups, downs and health issues. I am glad to say I am finally on the IMG_1945upswing and doing much better. I live a much healthier lifestyle. I was not ready to be diagnosed with some crazy medical issue. Some of the health changes I have made are helping me avoid that from happening. I love how I feel and it definitely shows. 🙂 I am one happy sex crazed dirty little slut.

Guess what?!?!? I am getting married to the love of my life. We were high school sweethearts and have been back together since April 2014, he proposed to me 8/31/2014. He and I are getting married on 9/5/2015. I am super excited. Just in case you’re worried I won’t be a nasty little cum-dump anymore…..no need to fret. I am and will continue to be the nasty little whore you know me to me.

I have been working on cleaning up my website to make it easier to find all the dirty things I IMG_1685do. I hope you find it easier to navigate through. I will continue to make updates and changes as time allows.

Also, I plan on updating my blog with pics and posts more consistently after the wedding. Its been a huge load on my shoulders. But I am sure it will be worth the struggle. Thanks for listening and keep checking back.


Dirty Girl Aubrey