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Personal Life Updates #2

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Hey Guys!

I just wanted to give you some personal life updates. I am getting hitched on 9/5/2015 to the love of my life, Layton! We are both very excited. With that being said I will not be available for phone sex, cam sex or sexting sessions. I will be offline from 9/1 until 9/8. If you can’t wait for me to come back and play with you then contact my beautiful and talented gf, Lucy. webcam-toy-photo3 (1) webcam-toy-photo6 (1)

When I come back on 9/8, I will be in full Dirty Girl mode… so make sure your ready to get nasty with me :). And just in case any if you are worrying about me disappearing, never to return kinda thing…..I am way to much of a horny girl for that to happen! 😛

My schedule will be much more consistent when I come back. I look forward to playing with all you dirty animals that I love so much.




You can pay online for Phonesex, Sexting and Webcam

Hey guys, My online store is set up so you can pay online for phonesex, Sexting and webcam sessions. Just make sure you IM me before paying to make sure I am available.

Here are the payment links but you can find them in the side bar to the right or on my main page you can click the item you are wanting to purchase or you can always visit my store’s main page – Dirty Girl Aubrey’s Online Store

Sexting $1.00/min

Sexting with clothed Pics $1.50/min

Sexting with Sexy Pics $1.75/min

Phonesex $1.99/min

Phonesex Extreme $2.49/min

“GFE” Webcam $2.49/min

“Nude” Webcam $3.49/min

“Extreme” Webcam $4.99/min

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