Ultimate Girlfriend Experience (UGFE)

Initially, the concept of the Ultimate Girlfriend Experience was created as a way for our callers to have a more personal experience with me, tailored to fit each of their needs. I’ve been offering the service for about a year now and have found that there are many ways in which callers can use the service.  UGFE has grown and changed. It is not a one-size fits all service.

There is the ultimate girlfriend experience, the Master/slave experience, the Mistress/slave experience and it can also be used as a way of getting discounted play. See below for details.

The Ultimate Girlfriend Experience:
The girlfriend experience is about having the perfect girl to listen to you, care for you and be exactly what you have always dreamed of between the sheets. What this means to one man is different from what it means to another. This is about you. What have you always wanted out of a girlfriend? This is what I’ll be for you.

I enjoy the girlfriend experience because it allows us to fully enjoy one another. Instead of jumping right into dirty play, we can move at a natural pace and let things fall into place in the most delightful way. I want to know you and for you to know me. I need to satisfy your heart, head and your every erotic desire.

What you can expect out of the UGFE experience: Calls, texts, IM and cam time with me, your girlfriend. You will receive pictures- everything from pics from my everyday life to dirty, nasty, sexy pics.

The Master/slave Experience:
The Master/slave experience is much like the ultimate girlfriend experience, except IMG_8347instead of getting the perfect girlfriend, you get the perfect slave. As your slave, I will do whatever it takes to please you. During play time, I’ll tie myself up as you command, I’ll suffer for you with our implements of pain and I’ll do humiliating things to ourselves and allow myself to be broken down for you. When I am not in your presence, I’ll complete tasks as you assign them and send you pictures as proof of my acts of service. I’ll worship you and cherish every bit of attention that you give me. Just as you receive the perfect slave in me, I will be grateful to have the perfect Master in you.

Will you let me serve you, Sir?

Here are some of the toys that I have available for you to use on me:

Toy list is coming soon

The Mistress/slave Experience:
Do you need submissive experiences beyond one-shot calls and cam shows? Do you want to feel you are truly bound to your Mistress? If so, the Mistress/save experience is for you. DSCN0699Here are some of the areas you can explore as my slave:

  • Acts of service (including assignments)
  • Worship via cam (ass, feet, general body worship and if you are good, pussy worship)
  • Humiliation including, but not limited to a focus on sissification
  • Pain including spanking, paddling and CBT

Discounted Play:
Starting at a payment of $150, the phone sex, texting, picture sharing and cam show services we offer are available at a discounted rate. For more details, contact me.

The way it works: Call, email or IM me to make sure I am available. Send an offering and we will begin our first date. Men generally send between $150 – $250, to start. Ongoing offerings are sent as the relationship blossoms.